Steriflow Sample Valves

The Sample Valve is specifically designed to precisely control the flow of fresh clean steam or hot WFI into a sample cooler

The SV Series was designed for use in high purity steam systems and water systems. The SV utilizes a steam resilient Perlast® seat seal to ensure optimum service life and bubble tight shut-off. Because of these design characteristics, the SV is also used for any general pharma sampling application where a manual valve is required. WFI, USP PW (purified water), or Clean Steam sample cooler metering valve

- Upstream process: sample valve or metering for bioreactor additives

- Downstream process: sample valve for process analysis

- Media prep: sample valve or manual additive metering valve

- F & B Consumer H & B sample valve for additive or final process fluid analysis


Steriflow Products Overview

Data Sheet

Steriflow Valves

Features & Benefits:

- Fully drainable when installed with handle facing up or on it’s side

- Compact design

- Autoclavable

- Suitable for CIP and SIP

- Fine stem threads for precision metering

- SFI surface finish


- Size: 1/2″ & 1″ (DN15 & DN25)

- End Connections: ASME BPE Tri-clamp compatible

- Max Pressure: 116 psig (8,0 barg)

- Max Temperature: 347°F (176°C)

- Materials of Construction: Body and wetted stem: 316L; Seat Seal: Perlast (FFKM), FDA and USP Class VI compliant; Stem Seal; Viton, FDA and USP Class VI compliant; Handle: Plyethermide (Autoclavable)

- Wetted Surface Finish: ASME BPE SF1 20 Ra μin (0,5 μm) is standard, SF5 optional

- External Surface Finish: Satin 32 Ra uin (0,8 Ra um) mechanical finish is standard; Electropolish optional

Steriflow Valves

Steriflow Products Overview (Steriflow_Product_Overview_-_HS.pdf, 1,111 Kb) [Download]

Data Sheet (Sample_Valve_Data_Sheet.pdf, 136 Kb) [Download]