Custom Fabrication / Reservoirs

Custom Fabrication

Haleson offers design and manufacturing services, welding services, special fabrication services for your custom fabrication needs:

• Manifolds, custom components, custom parts

• Pipe spools, tube spools, long sweep elbows, dip tubes

• Specialty fittings such as DIN, SMS, Garolla , RJT…

• Specialty fittings in AL-6XN® alloy, Titanium, Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy® C-22®, C-276

• Pump carts and dollys

• Modify valves to suit your needs

• Specialty work tables

• Passivation, polishing and electro-polishing

• Transfer panels (flow panels) for food, dairy, beverages and cosmetics. 

• Transfer panels (flow panels) for pharma and high purity applications.